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Our History

Fendor Glass & Aluminum is a true Ottawa success story. Founded in 1941 as a manufacturer of wooden garage doors, the company soon found its niche in aluminium windows. The next big breakthrough came with their 1955 invention of the Fendock, an aluminium dock and accessory system for cottages that has become the gold standard in Eastern Canada and beyond. 

Still a proud family business, the company’s myriad products now include commercial and residential windows, doors, entranceways, garage doors and more. Fendor’s success has been built on the quality of its products. “We work very hard to be innovative in terms of our product development while consistently maintaining the high manufacturing standards Fendor has always been known for,” confirms owner Greg Westwell. “Offering the best customer service possible has helped make us a leader in a very competitive industry and I think it’s one of the reasons we have so much repeat business, particularly among contractors.”

Fendor’s low-maintenance, energy-efficient windows are among its most popular products, favoured in both contemporary-style homes and commercial buildings as well as by those seeking to replicate the character of older homes under renovation. “We choose to offer a broad range of styles, including a new line of high quality Martin products, so that customers do not have to sacrifice on appearance to achieve the value and environmental savings offered by new windows.”

The company’s Fendock products offer the same value proposition. “Fendock is a strong, safe and lightweight docking system made of top quality structural aluminium. It is environmentally friendly and maintenance free, with no annual repairs or rebuilding required,” explains Greg. An affordable, high quality product, Fendock is not only attractive, but easy to assemble as well, enabling you to enjoy your cottage and boating season more.

Fendor’s commitment to conservation and stewardship is integrated into the design of every Fendock product. “We educate our customers about the toxicity of using pressure treated lumber which can contain chemicals such as chromium, copper, and arsenic, all of which make pressure treated lumber unsuitable for use as a decking material around waterways.”

The company’s commitment to the community is impressive. In addition to being a regular contributor to the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, Fendor has been supplying its Fendock truss-style docks to the Ottawa Dragonboat Festival – the largest event of its kind in North America- for over 10 years; it’s a true testament to the product that they are resilient enough to support the almost 30 000 people who use them during the festival weekend each year. 

After decades in Westboro, Fendor relocated last year to a larger space on Auriga Drive in Nepean that is home to both a gorgeous showroom and a modern manufacturing facility. Visit them soon to view their extensive range of doors, windows, garage doors and a great outdoor display of Fendock products.

Fendor Glass & Aluminum is at 46 Auriga Drive; 613.722.6581. and


Original Fendor house


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