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A picture of two personnel installing a window.

Turn-key Window and Door Installation in Ottawa and Nearby Areas

Accurate installation is key to your windows and doors working smoothly and efficiently. Having an experienced and knowledgeable installation team will ensure a perfect install for your exterior features. With that said, Fendor Glass & Aluminum Inc. has 80 years of experience across thousands of residential and commercial window and door installations in Ottawa and surrounding areas. 

Our well-trained crew specializes in all types and sizes of windows and doors and can help you with your new home or retrofit projects. We work around your home and office without causing major disruptions and clean up after the work is done. Reach out to us to learn more about our capabilities.

Start with a Consultation - No Obligations Attached

Having a knowledgeable expert to help you navigate different materials, styles, and products makes the selection process much more enjoyable. With that in mind, we are committed to serving our customers in all ways they expect us to. Our initial consultation puts no pressure on our customers and allows them to comfortably explore our product offerings and capabilities.


We also ascertain your expectations associated with new doors and windows, evaluate the condition of existing exterior features, and help you make confident choices from our selection.

A picture of a house in the background with different window size options in the front.

Creating a One-stop Service Experience

Our in-house team collaborates closely with industry professionals to provide an exemplary service experience.  For all projects, we only collaborate with experienced installers with a proven track record of delivering flawless results.


Our start-to-finish services also support our customers throughout product delivery and after-sales. Several products we carry come with exclusive manufacturer’s warranties.

Book Your Visit

Ensure your new windows and doors' optimum look, feel, and function by letting our experts handle the installation work.

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