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A spacious, well-lit corner of the house with multiple larger doors that opens to beautiful scenery outside.

High Quality Windows in Ottawa and Surrounding Areas

For over 8 decades, Fendor Glass & Aluminum Inc. has been offering high-quality, weather-resistant windows in Ottawa and surrounding areas. Our low-maintenance, energy-efficient windows are among the most popular products, favoured in contemporary-style homes and by those seeking to replicate the character of older homes under renovation.


As we offer homeowners a broad range of styles, including a new line of products from reputable brands, you don’t have to compromise on appearance to achieve the value and environmental savings new windows offer. Choose the best from Fendor Glass & Aluminum Inc. that will suit your very own style and impress your guests.

Windows to Serve Every Purpose

Windows can open your home to the beauty of the outdoors. Our custom energy-efficient windows are available in various materials and have endless configurations/operating styles to suit all needs.


  • Vinyl

  • Aluminum clad vinyl

  • Wood

  • Aluminum Clad Wood

  • Fibreglass

  • Aluminum

A picture of the first floor of a house with transparent window panes.

Our Brands

For our residential window products, we carry the following brands:

KV Custom Windows and Doors logo

Including Argon Gas to give you the best thermal performance possible, and also offers maximum insulation during all types of weather.

Greenview Solutions® logo

Including a high-performance technology providing thermal efficiency, crystalline glass clarity, and superior air filtration protection.

Martin Windows and Doors logo

As a partner for the environment, you can receive great value from these exceptional products and long-term peace of mind.

unnamed (9).png

Cascadia windows are some of the most energy-efficient windows in the world.

Inline Fiberglass logo

Inline Fiberglass offers an impressive line of the best fibreglass windows and doors. It follows well-defined design, production, and quality metrics to deliver the best to its customers.

Bigfoot Door logo

Bigfoot offers fixed and operable windows. Innovative designs and precision manufacturing ensure that customers get reliable, high-performance products backed by responsive customer service.

Find the Perfect Fit

Trust us to replace your old, drafty windows with a modern, high-efficiency window system.

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